Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Saturday at Antique Elegance

I had a wonderful time in Richardson on Saturday at the Antique Elegance Show.  It was formerly the Victorian  Elegance Show.  Scrumptious, museum quality vintage clothing, absolutely breathtaking antique jewelry, Victorian lace, trim, velvet, and buttons, were in abundance. The whole show was very tastefully done.  The show is twice a year and if you love pre-1940's anything, you will love the show. I had a such a great time.

Today, Sunday, I went to change a few things around in my space at Dolly Python.  It turned into an all day job.  I put up heavy, burgandy colored drapes from the 1920's to shield my space from the sun.  I brought in about 15 pieces of pre-1950's clothing, and Mike put up another chandelier for me. I love my space and I love that store.  Today a camera crew from L.A. came in to do a photo shoot of the store and film Allyson in vintage fashion.  Very different day!  They also bought alot of vintage clothing including a vintage two piece swimsuit and cover-up and two little cotton dresses from the 1940's, that I had for sale.  Great Sunday!

Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl had a runway fashion "Imaginarium" show yesterday (Sat.), in Fredricksburg, Texas.  I love her clothing and buy as much as my pocketbook will allow.  I would have loved to gone to her fashion show, but the drive was a little to far, especially with it raining so hard.  Her clothing is so totally awesome.

Have a great week you all.