Monday, December 21, 2009

Hidy Yall. Just a little post to let you know that The Altered Muse is working really hard on getting the studio and the workshop complete. I have run into a little delay due to a terminal illness in my family, but I am still very excited about my studio and workshop and am doing alot of planning for workshops. Angela that does the soldering workshops is going to be working with me to get things up and running and we have some exciting thoughts and plans. The Funky Finds Spring Fling is going to happen in March. If you click on the Funky Finds icon at the first of the blog, you will read all about it. There are artists coming from everywhere in the U.S. to participate. Talk about inspiration. I love to see what everyone is creating these days. Not just painters, for example, but recycling, refurbishing, re-using, reinventing, all those good words describing inventive ways to create and save the planet. That is what I am for.

I want to take this time to wish you all Happy Holidays. Be safe and be blessed.

Pam...The Altered Muse

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things Are Winding Down

Well good friends and followers, the physical location of The Altered Muse is about to come to an end, but everything else is still going strong. The closing sale has gone wonderfully and people have been coming in to pick up their favorite things on sale. I will be blogging about new locations where I will be selling and creating. Tuesday will be the last day. I have been moving stuff out for about 2 weeks. I am taking the cream of the crop...the creme de la creme...bee's knees...of the assemblage, ephemera, metal works, textiles, and just all the really great stuff to my studio at home and am leaving the rest to those that can create with it. The studio is all a mess with pieces everywhere just waiting to be put in their new little drawer or cubby. The studio is all abuzz with the new arrival of wood, metal, and texture. Can't wait to take some before and after pictures to show you.

Well I know I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks and I wasn't going to say anything, but I lost my precious little momma eight days ago and it has been a bit overwhelming as you can imagine. She was a jewel and definitely the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31. I had that read at her memorial in her memory.

I hope you all have a great week and I will be writing again soon to show you the new studio. Take care.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello Dahlings...just wanted to catch you up on the latest. The Altered Muse is "taking it to the road". I will be taking my mixed media components, assemblage pieces, antiques, and accoutrements in general with me when I do antique and art shows. I will no longer have a physical location. I had to make this decision and it was tough, but when the store is closed for two months at a time for outside jobs that are very lucrative, I had no choice, but to go with the most profit. I will still be blogging from interesting places, sending little email notes and reminders of where I will be, and just news in general. I have a little studio at my house, but I am going to expand into a workshop there also. I will continue to do workshops, starting in January, I hope, and will be inviting great instructors to continue their workshops. I have an estate liquidation service and have been quite busy with that. As you know, I just came back from Warrenton, being down there for almost a month. I am glad to be back.

I want to take this time to give a shout out to some great artists and instructors that have presented classes at the store. Michele Mayfield, Sue Gordon, Renea Hipp, Shirley Hand, Angela Burks, Carrie Gunning, and Ann-Denise Anderson, the crepe paper queen and featured Somerset artist. I so enjoyed having a fun workshop area at the store for artists to come and explore their talents. The workshop at my home will be just as fun and whimsical.

I want to say how much it thrills me to see the faces of the followers of the blog. Dare I say I would love to give all of yall a big ole Texas hug? I know a few of you are my personal friends, but more of you maybe watch to see hats, dogs, or amusing pictures, workshop info or whatever. In two weeks, my PC is going home with me (ooh thats scary, 24 hr access). I still didn't get all of the pictures on of Warrenton. That is not to say I won't though.

A GREAT BIT OF INFORMATION: March 13, 2010, will be the great Funky Finds Spring Fling in Ft. Worth, Texas. I will be there along with others who have done workshops here at the store. Jessica and Joe Dougherty have done a wonderful job of promoting artists, crafters, merchandise, and just plain informational (is that a word?) fun. Just type in or click on the funky green little pooch at the top of this blog, and you will go to one of the most informative and fun blogs or websites in the the art world. Everything you need to know.

Well I think this is enough for today. Don't want you to get red eyes from reading or anything. I will be be back on here soon enough with some fun pictures. Please take care of yourselves and at this time remember our military and their families. I think we are blessed to have these dedicated warriors watching out for us.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hidy Yall

Hi yall. Just wanted to say Hi really fast. I am in the thick of the estate sale in Burleson. Whew! Lots of stuff and people. Thanks for all of your comments recently. I have been away from the PC for about three days now I think. News to come on workshops and locations. Back at you soon. Take care. Pam

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just Checking In

Well boys and girls, it is already Oct. 25 and I haven't blogged since about the 19th. I have been busy working in Burleson, Texas on an estate that I am going to liquidate Oct. 29 (Thursday) thru Sunday Nov. 1. It is located at 420 Penny Ln. There are many antiques and collectibles there, including furniture, jewelry, art, presidential and commemorative items, depression glass, about 75 needlepoints and 65 or so paperweights, plus so much much more. It will take me four days just to sell all of that. So that is what I have been up to yall. I haven't gotten the last of the Warrenton pictures posted yet, but never fear, I will.

I haven't forgotten about the giveaway that I promised to those who left a comment on any of the Warrenton posts. Just give me a little time. After this sale in Burleson, Texas, I will be back at the store and making changes that I will announce later.

Angela Burks is going to give two more of her FAB soldering workshops in November. November 14 and 21. $80. Search "soldering" on the blog to see the past workshops, the soldered pieces and just all the fun that was had. Give me a call or email asap with your interest or intentions. 817.319.0112.

Yall take care and have fun!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Junk Gypsy Junk O Rama Prom at Warrenton, Texas

This is me and the original Junk Gypsy, Amy. She buys some of my more girlie stuff at Warrenton, like a pink velvet, button and tuck headboard to use as a couch backrest. Amy has been featured in Country Living more times than I can keep up with. Country Living loves the Warrenton, Texas show and loves to put pictures and stories in the magazine about it. Amy is a very sweet gal and everyone just loves her and her show setup. She vends her gypsy stuff in front of Zapp Hall under a great big white circus tent filled with everything catering to the Texas gypsy-spirited woman including T-shirts, tattoo leggings, hats, jewelry, prom dresses, canvas gypsy bags, vintage pearl snap western shirts, and all things fun. She really does represent the gypsy-spirit in all of us flea market, antique hunting, junque searching souls caught up in this antique/junque world. I wanted to mention that there was a film crew (as usual) down at the show, filming her and her technique for finding and selling junk (really good fun stuff actually). She will be featured in a television documentary showing what she does. It is the same production that does Ice Road Truckers so watch for it. By the way, she always has on the killer of all prom dresses every show.

Can you spot Amy amid all of the Elvises? You can barely see her peeking out. They jumped out of a white limo and stormed the dirt dance floor. What a big surprise for the Prom.

This is the all-girl group that the Junk Gypsies had playing the night of the Prom. They were fantastic. Reminded me of the Dixie Chicks. They were excellent. I didn't get their name though. They were playing a mandolin, fiddle, and guitars.

Me and my shiny shirt friend Mike. That is definitely a shirt for the Texas Prom. Can you tell we both needed the table to stabilize us? Did I mention that it is permissible to walk and drink all day long in the town of Warrenton. Of course, I am not saying that is what we did. But at the end of a long day and on prom's okay. You see beer at 10:00 in the morning being transported in the hands of serious south Texas women and men shoppers alike. That's Texas for ya. Need I say that everyone has a good time at Warrenton? It is a free spirit, shop and have fun event.

Well I wasn't sure if I wanted to put this picture in as the Prom or Hat category. He looks sort of like his own double date if you know what I mean. I wouldn't want to make him cross, get it? He reminds me of grandpa met Sally met pink panther! It takes all kinds.
Janis Joplin met Robin Hood met Day of the Dead! It's a fun time for all personalities.

Can you tell these gals came to PARTY? There are always at least two sets of friends that all come dressed alike. These gals and the gals in the red prom dresses. It really is a big thing this prom and I captured only a small percentage of the prom goers! Hundreds show up for the prom.

I wish you could have seen her beautiful black umbrella. She was dressed all vintage and beautiful. My friend Cathy and her friend. He is kinda ZZ Topish isn't he?

One of five Elvis's that showed up and the gals he delighted with their picture.

The prom is for funky attire including hats. I don't know the origin of this little hat, but she sure had fun wearing it.

Texas Glamour Girls

Hey, I'll get my big Texas hat and you get dye your hair pink and let's go to Prom!

Let's go to Prom in pink. These four girls were having a good time!

I didn't have on a prom dress, but I did have on my Magnolia Pearl attire. You can't see all of me, but if you could you would see $350 walking! You only live once and attend as many Junk O Rama proms as possible. (I'm the one on the left) in case you don't know me.
I think that urn was full of Everclear. See how they are grinning?
Who knew there were that many red prom dresses in Texas! Gun and holster too! Only in Texas do you wear your prom dress and tote your pistol.

Coming Soon More Dogs Hats Prom Oh My!

It is great to be back in Ft. Worth, Texas. We had so much rain down in Warrenton, Texas I thought I would never dry out! Rain boots were the fashion down there. It poured and flooded the last weekend of the show. Traffic, of course, was down. The tent guys are still down there, bless their little hearts, taking down those some 60 tents. I have many more pictures to show you including hats, dogs, the outrageous Junk Gypsy Prom, and my visit to Magnolia Pearl that set me back about a grand! For the pets, look under Sweet Pets, for more hats added, look under hats, no blog for the prom yet, but soon coming. You just gotta see it. You won't believe it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hi Pat at Burleson, Texas Antique Mall

Here is Sherry Saunders with her good friend Donna Carpenter. Many great friendships are renewed every Spring and Fall. Tried to get some pics for you Pat, but light was not cooperating. Sherry said Hi back at yall.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pets Sweet Pets Show Animals at Warrenton, Texas

This Shirley and Jan holding Hershey, Coco, and Bita (as in Bit A Honey) maybe. They showed up on Sunday the last day of the show only to get rained on. Poor babies.

This is Harry, the Magician's Dog. His owner Daniel. Daniel is a vendor at the Rose of Texas Show in downtown Warrenton, Texas and also an accomplished magician. He used to perform on cruise ships and Vegas. Keeps us entertained to say the least.

Not sure that this little guy liked all the attention. He is going the other way.

This sweet little thing wanted to be a part of the Junk Gypsy Junk O Rama Prom. Very unique attire on her owner. Sorta like prom meets Mother Turquoise. That's what I like about the prom, do your own thing. More pictures of the prom to come. It will have its own post. You don't want to miss it.

This little girl wanted to be at the prom with her mom.

This is Deersa. Doesn't his owner look like Warren Beatty? Deersa has a friend called Zazi, a Japanese Chin that was a rescue dog. I will post Zazi's picture in a couple of days. Zazi and Deersa are both from Austin, Texas. So many dogs to post, so little time.

This is a picture of Jack. Friendly little fellow.

Can you see this sweet little thing hidden in the lace? His name is Max and he is from Waco, Texas.

Another look at Jack. He is from Long Island, N.Y. Thanks Jack for paying us a visit here in Texas. He loves his mom and pop!

Hello Savannah or as her loved ones call her "Savy". She is a precious rescue from Austin, Texas. Kudos to her loving owners. Rescue... the best to you!

Hello Gabriel. What a beautiful German Shepard from College, Station, Texas. Look at the love in those eyes. I am telling you folks...pets are one of the most precious things we have been blessed with.

Say helllo to Cassie from Emory, Texas, a very friendly pup. She is well loved!

Hello sweet little Taz. Taz is a three year veteran from Huntsville,Texas. Sweet!

Here we are. Bella the fabulous blue fowl and Daphyne the wonder dog! Gotta love em!

How precious is this? Two yorkies, Gidget and Abby of Angleton, Texas. Let's talk about love!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hats of Warrenton/Round Top

This is me and Mona Montana - she is the Queen of hats. She sells here in Warrenton, Texas and at a big chili cookoff in Terlinqua, Texas. I used to sell hats for her and we had a ball selling at the Pate Car Show, swap meets, and other venues. She is a fabulous gal and does she have some tales to tell. Hail to Mona Montana, the Hat Queen! This is TEXAS yall! Look on. In case you are wondering, these hats all belong to the people wearing them. I did not place them on their heads. Tell me Texans aren't proud of their hats. I have one of Mona's, but forgot to bring it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Humidity Can Be Useful

I thought I would just share a few photos of some more of the greenery around here. It is really pretty and lush. A serenity and calm in the midst of all of the hub bub. Took these with my little digital camera. One of these could be my backdrop on my PC doncha think? Stay tuned for more ramblings and musings,