Friday, May 28, 2010

Workshop Found Objects Jewelry

The Found Objects Jewelry workshop is a unique assemblage of objects into jewelry. It will be your own gathering of found objects from my numerous, wonderful, choices. This jewelry will be assembled with old and new findings and most surely will be one of a kind.

Found Objects Jewelry - Sat. June 12-10:30 to 1:00 or so. $40
817.319.0112 for more info.

Reliquary Workshop

Reliquary: A small box, casket, or shrine where relics are kept or shown. This Reliquary Workshop will incorporate items as shown in the pictures below, plus more. The "Man Raises But Time Weighs" below is casketed in one-half of a daquerreotype case from the mid 1800's. I have added an old tin type, watch parts, vials and verbage. Not every reliquary will be the same of course. I have hundred of items to choose from for your reliquary or just bring some of your own. The next reliquary I call "Sew and Sew" is casketed in an old pocket watch case and I have added an old metal bobbin, old sparkly button, mother of pearl button, old lace, and verbage. Each of these reliquaries is finished on the backside with old, black lace from the late 1800's.

Reliquary Workshop: Saturday -June 19 - $45. 10:30 to 1:00 or so. 817.319.0112 for more info.


Because I was so busy tending my booth, I was not able to get out and shop like I normally do. I did happen to find these very old perfume oil bottles. They are manufactured by Givaudan Delawanna, Inc.-New York Paris Geneva. They are simply wonderful in my book. When you open the cigar box, the most wonderful smell comes out. The oils are Lilac, Violet, Narcisse, Foin, Cedar, Rose, and Peppermint. Mmmm! These will be incorporated into a Reliquary possibly, or how about some wax application. The found objects that I incorporate in my workshops are one of kind and when they are gone....hopefully I will have luck at finding more, similar objects.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buchanan Antique Show at Market Hall in Dallas

Great friends of The Altered Muse come to shop. I met new friends with like interests, visited with old friends of the store, and talked lots to the friends of the blog. As you can tell, we all had a great time. I had made a special effort to let everyone know where I was going to be this weekend and it really paid off. I was so glad to see everyone. I had lots of the vintage ephemera, findings, my destash of children's books, a sampling of the jewelry I make. Several expressed interest in this workshop. Overall, it was a splendid weekend and I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Jacqueline, Sarah, Donna, Nancy, Alice, Kay, Ardys, and all the rest that I only got emails for. Hugs to you all!


Had a great show and now it's time to pack.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thought you might like to see some of the jewelry I found two weekends ago at the Will Rogers Flea Market (otherwise known as Cattle Barn I). A good friend Valerie (Junker Val) had this estate jewelry for sale and I went crazy. This is just a small sampling of the vintage 50's 60's pieces I bought. Also, I had this little wooden guy on the shelf in my studio and his hands were just the right size to clamp the earrings on, so I used him to hold some of them up for display. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome May and all things green

This is Sunday and a beautiful day. I love my garden window and the view. There is a wooded ravine behind my back yard. Lots of foliage. I am showing some of the items I found out and about this weekend. I shopped Canton this past Wednesday and the Will Rogers Cattle Barn Flea Market. I didn't go overboard, but I bought sensibly and took each thing into consideration I also destashed today and am putting stuff together for a garage sale next weekend. My studio is perfect now and my workshop area is basically finished. All I need now is to schedule some workshops. I have lots of things in mind and possibly a Creative Play Workshop for young ladies and gentlemen ages 9-14yrs. of age. Let's alter something together. STAY TUNED!