Monday, September 28, 2009

Pets Sweet Pets Show Animals at Warrenton, Texas

This Shirley and Jan holding Hershey, Coco, and Bita (as in Bit A Honey) maybe. They showed up on Sunday the last day of the show only to get rained on. Poor babies.

This is Harry, the Magician's Dog. His owner Daniel. Daniel is a vendor at the Rose of Texas Show in downtown Warrenton, Texas and also an accomplished magician. He used to perform on cruise ships and Vegas. Keeps us entertained to say the least.

Not sure that this little guy liked all the attention. He is going the other way.

This sweet little thing wanted to be a part of the Junk Gypsy Junk O Rama Prom. Very unique attire on her owner. Sorta like prom meets Mother Turquoise. That's what I like about the prom, do your own thing. More pictures of the prom to come. It will have its own post. You don't want to miss it.

This little girl wanted to be at the prom with her mom.

This is Deersa. Doesn't his owner look like Warren Beatty? Deersa has a friend called Zazi, a Japanese Chin that was a rescue dog. I will post Zazi's picture in a couple of days. Zazi and Deersa are both from Austin, Texas. So many dogs to post, so little time.

This is a picture of Jack. Friendly little fellow.

Can you see this sweet little thing hidden in the lace? His name is Max and he is from Waco, Texas.

Another look at Jack. He is from Long Island, N.Y. Thanks Jack for paying us a visit here in Texas. He loves his mom and pop!

Hello Savannah or as her loved ones call her "Savy". She is a precious rescue from Austin, Texas. Kudos to her loving owners. Rescue... the best to you!

Hello Gabriel. What a beautiful German Shepard from College, Station, Texas. Look at the love in those eyes. I am telling you folks...pets are one of the most precious things we have been blessed with.

Say helllo to Cassie from Emory, Texas, a very friendly pup. She is well loved!

Hello sweet little Taz. Taz is a three year veteran from Huntsville,Texas. Sweet!

Here we are. Bella the fabulous blue fowl and Daphyne the wonder dog! Gotta love em!

How precious is this? Two yorkies, Gidget and Abby of Angleton, Texas. Let's talk about love!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hats of Warrenton/Round Top

This is me and Mona Montana - she is the Queen of hats. She sells here in Warrenton, Texas and at a big chili cookoff in Terlinqua, Texas. I used to sell hats for her and we had a ball selling at the Pate Car Show, swap meets, and other venues. She is a fabulous gal and does she have some tales to tell. Hail to Mona Montana, the Hat Queen! This is TEXAS yall! Look on. In case you are wondering, these hats all belong to the people wearing them. I did not place them on their heads. Tell me Texans aren't proud of their hats. I have one of Mona's, but forgot to bring it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Humidity Can Be Useful

I thought I would just share a few photos of some more of the greenery around here. It is really pretty and lush. A serenity and calm in the midst of all of the hub bub. Took these with my little digital camera. One of these could be my backdrop on my PC doncha think? Stay tuned for more ramblings and musings,

Just want to let you know that soon I am going to present the PETS of Warrenton. So sweet. They are everywhere. Also a special shout out to Pat and friends at the Burleson Antique Mall in Burleson, Texas. I am priviledged to be set up next to Sherry Saunders. She is from Burleson, Texas. I know her friends want to see her booth, so I will be posting some pics soon. Have a great day yall.
Good Morning. I guess I will just go ahead a show you some pictures of my booth and not wait for perfection. I have had a great show so far. I have sold several large pieces including 2 giant street light holders, 2 garment transfers (they are going to New Zealand), a huge plant potting rack, 4 chairs, and I could go on about the big stuff (that is what you want to sell the most to keep from hauling it back. I have sold hundreds of smalls including figurines, lamps, small tables, jewelry, silver flatware, and I could go on about that also. This is just the best show ever! I took a picture of an old suitcase that I found full of old boy scout items. I have sold some out of it already. Well enough about me. I am going to leave this little balcony I am blogging from and go open my booth. I expect lots of traffic today. I forgot to mention, there was a real bar brawl here at the local bar last night. I mean like in the movies, but it was real. Sometimes pool tables and beer don't mix. Never seen anything like it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Robin (Magnolia Pearl) and John the Newlyweds

You could not meet two sweeter, more genuine people than Robin and John. They were married last show at the Little Church in Round Top. They were out on their scooter and came by to say hi and check out my booth. They vend in a beautiful booth at Marburger Farm, another large show between Warrenton and Round Top. Robin (Magnolia Pearl) creates, sews, and sells wonderful clothing, handbags, and furniture made with unique vintage textiles. She also has wonderful vintage garden statuary. Her booth is nothing but eye candy to the inth degree. She is a very unique individual and designer of wonderful, fantasy, almost fairy-like convections in textiles. You can see her wonderful confections at

Peaceful Place to Sell

This field is wonderful. I got a few pictures of me in some scenic spots.

Here is a few pictures of the field I vend in. It is called the Rose of Texas Show. There are at least four historic buildings on the site. It is in downtown Warrenton, Texas. It is so humid down here, everything really grows well.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today is Sunday. Most all of the unloading has been done except the big white trailer. I don't know how I am going to fit it all in. Dealers are gradually pulling in. Tent, tents and more tents. I could take pictures of tents all day long and you back home could never get an idea of just how many there are. Big circus tents galore. I did a little shopping today on the gator. I didn't tell you that I have a four wheel John Deere gator did I? Sure makes shopping fun. Got a drop bed on it and all. I think I will put a picture of it on for you to see. The days have been wonderful here. No rain, just overcast skies and nice breeze. So peaceful. The stars are like a big bright blanket at night. You can see every constellation like a planetarium except for real! I have been cooking everyday for the guys. They are very appreciative. They better be! I guess I am going to go take some pictures now to add to the day. Be back in a few.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Historic Town of Warrenton, Texas

Well today I drove all over Warrenton, Texas taking these pictures of old historic buildings. There is Zapp Hall, historic meeting hall. I am sure lots went on in that old Hall in the late 1800's as at historic Renck Hall and the Legal Tender Saloon. The old Harmonia Hall used to be a meeting hall, dance hall, then a skating rink back in the 50's. It has wonderful old hardwood floors that display primitive and antiques wonderfully. Such tales that Hall could tell as all of the historic Meeting Halls in historic Warrenton, Texas. All of the windows on the buildings "let out" or fold out for ventilation. They are just as they were when originally built. I have taken some pictures of some of the older homes with their gingerbread decor and plants that grown abundantly here. Lots of wild vines, tropical plants, several palms, and moss on the trees. One tree in particular I wish you could see up close and personal because it is awesomely big and beautiful. The buildings are dwarfed against it. It has many large branches that spread wide.