Thursday, September 3, 2009

Soldering 101 Aug. 29, 2009

Here for your enjoyment and enlightenment are the pictures of the Aug. 29 Soldering 101 with Angela Burks. Angela is a very thorough and intense teacher, but also very generous and likes to have fun. The class started out with a booklet covering all of the important things to know about soldering and most of all safety. This covered roughly one third of the class time. The booklet is yours to keep for future reference. Next was the selection of images, thoughts and themes for the jewelry. This is key in the making of the jewelry. We want our images to be a reflection of ourselves somewhat. This was another third of the time. And then last but not least, the actual hands on of the copper foil and soldering. This part of the class went until everyone had completed their two pieces and felt comfortable with what they had learned. Angela's class ended with appreciation gifts of journals, fall candles, and a special hostess gift. Everyone expressed how delighted they were with their jewelry and overall enjoyment of the class. It was a joy to host this Soldering 101 with Angela Burks. If you have ever wanted to learn soldering, this is the place to be. Thank you Angela for a wonderful experience in soldering.

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Heather said...

Are you going to be doing this class again soon??? I am very interested!!!
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