Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time for Your Closeup

     The Altered Muse posts only when there is something I am very proud to display or post about.  My posts are about my artwork, garden, or events that I attend.  This day it is about my garden (Grayson Gardens).  I took these pictures last week.  They are a representation of hard work, planning, and pleasure on my part.  I have always appreciated the beauty of nature, but never so much as now that I am cultivating it.  It is a trial and error discovery that I am happy to post about.

Passion Vine.

A single flower from my one bulb I planted last fall.

Little mushroom caps that came up from my planting of spikey aloe vera.

My dill bloomed as it was waiting to be a butterfly host plant.

An elephant ear that grows straight up and has this one bloom in spring.

A very prolific ground cover that spreads like wildfire.

Blooms of an evergreen perennial that stays green all season and then blooms spring/summer.!

Plain ole geraniums

Red yarrow...butterfly attraction

Yellow Yarrow...butterfly attraction

Totally the reason I plant these perennials...fresh cut flowers