Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Please check out my new blog....Altered Adornment.  I am adding pictures of my altered pieces of jewelry as I make them up.  It would be great to hear a comment or two. Peace!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Yesterday was beautiful here in Ft. Worth, Tx. I went downtown to "Mambos" for a blues benefit for one Ms.O.  She has been a great supporter of the blues for many years and had come upon some medical expenses she needed help with. Of course the best of the blues came to her rescue with a benefit.  Heard 25 some odd blues musicians, including grammy nominated Holland K Smith and Texas Slim.  It was great! The weather was great for listening on the patio. Downtown was alive with blues.  Rock on Ms. O.

Monday, January 20, 2014

As I said in my bio...I love and am inspired by old poems and sentiments from friend to friends

Drop one pearl in
memories casket
for your schoolmate and friend

As the west winds wander through sunshine, flowers, and balm
So mid the sweets of life may thy paths be beautiful and calm.

Hannah is your name. Single is your station. Happy be the little man who makes your alter-ation

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I am inspired by sentiments from old autograph books, poems, and letters. This is a small, hand painted watercolor that I would say is from the early 1900's.

He mine by gift
I His by debt
So each to other owe
First Friend He was
Best Friend He is
All times will find Him true.

My new blog is called Altered Adornment.  I have added my first post today.  It is pictures of what I call "soft" jewelry, made of textiles mostly.  I decided to set up a separate blog for my "adornments".  I will also have pictures of what I make my adornments from.  We will see how it goes.  Thanks for looking. www.alteredadornment.blogspot.com.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Dolly Python Vintage

As some of you may know, I sell my mixed media art and found objects jewelry in Dallas at a store called Dolly Python Vintage. www.dollypythonvintage.com.  It is a great store filled with uncommon objects, rare findings, the best vintage clothing in town, and lots of talented artist's offerings.  I am proud to say that I sold several pieces of jewelry and several small reliquary jars that I trademarked "Earthly Gatherings."  As an artist, you have to know how gratifying that is. I also sold a wire sculpture by a friend of mine.  His name is Joe LaBerge or JoeArt. I always sell vintage clothing, but it is getting harder and harder to find.  December was great at the store and January so far has been great.  

I didn't blog for quite awhile and so if you have kept my info plugged in, let me know.  I will post tomorrow some "soft" jewelry that I have made recently. Let's catch up and carry on my fellow artists.      

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fun Finds, finished and unfinished projects.

The Altered Muse wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. 

I have started the new year by planning for the Spring antiques show in Warrenton, Texas.  Some may know it as Round Top, but once you are down there you find out that it all happens in Warrenton. The Spring show is always the best.  The earth is thawing, flowers and trees are blooming, and a sense of renewal and optimism is in the air.  The booths are more beautiful because vendors are adding color with fresh plants and flowers.  Happy Spring colors are everywhere.  Just the perfect atmosphere for happiness and hopes of a successful and prosperous show. My vending space is under a nice white tarp and under an old tree. Under the tree is where I make my Spring garden of garden furniture and accessories.  Very cozy.  It is located in the Rose of Texas Show.  The Legal Tender Saloon (great homemade food and BBQ) faces the street in Warrenton and if you go out their back steps, I am on the right under the tree.

I am bringing lots of fresh merchandise.  Old books, textiles, jewelry, vintage clothing, furniture, old script letters, and lots of uncommon objects. I have made some things from old lace and seam binding that are perfect for Spring. I will have lots and lots of old hats.  This will be a great show and I would love to see you there.

I have not blogged alot for The Altered Muse in a while.  I have posted pictures of my flower garden and such, but none of my creativity.  I hope to refresh my blog and start adding pictures, comments, art, and just fun stuff.  If you have followed in the past and read this post, I hope you will come back and let me hear your comments on what I make and happenings in general.

Again have a blessed and happy new year.  Peace on earth, goodwill to all.