Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Peppermint Holds On

My beautiful Angel Trumpet Vine. This is my second bloom with one more on the way. Didn't even know what it was when I planted it. I purchased the seeds from an individual down in South Texas when I was doing the show at Round Top. So glad I did! What an eye catching blessing.

I counted over 14 caterpillars at one time. That is why I plant this butterfly milkweed.

Can you spot the caterpillars?

Native Texas Rock Rose growing on an old cemetary flower wire. See the Pearly Gates?

o have a little peppermint spreading here and there.

More flowering weeds to attrack butterflies.

The white plant in the foreground is a wooley butterfly bush. Not that easy to find. I found mine at Weston Gardens. A very special estate that was built in the 1930's. Worth the trip to South Ft. Worth. They specialize native Texas plants and antique plants that were found planted around this 1930's estate.

Chinese Umbrella Tree

Two new decorative pieces added to the backyard garden.

Welcome. I am so happy to participate in the Bloggerette Sorority's Garden Party. Enter my backyard Serenity Garden and gather what you may visually. My garden in these pictures is actually in between the winter pansies and summer color, but I still have lots of garden to rest your eyes on. Thank you so much for strolling. Meet Bailey.

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Anonymous said...

Love your garden...want to get mine under some kind of control this has become overgrown and I need to share some of my bounty! Just have to find the right places for these plants to go become more appreciated...thinking I may just choose a roadside spot and plant away! Just have to gather the energy and find the time...keep the pictures coming...hoping to visit at Funky Finds on that Sunday!