Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great Saturday!! was great yall! I vended at Will Rogers Cattle Barn I. The Funky Finds Spring Fling was next door at the Small Exhibits Bldg. It was so colorful, creative, inspiring, and interesting to look at all of the artist's creations. There was the pet adoption also. I almost adopted another little bobtail kitten just like Lily. Couldn't quite make up my mind so I called in friends for their advice. They all loved the kitten. I still haven't ruled him out. I was surely in a quandry.

Well both events were swarming with people (the flea market and the Spring Fling.) There was also a gun show and antique show. It was great seeing people I hadn't seen since I had the store. Many anxious to start workshops again. ME SO HAPPY!!!

Will report back on the kitten...have a great rest of the weekend. xoxo

Check out he post below to see the pictures of the last workshop.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

GREAT Creative Saturday

May 2014

Saturday was a blast! This was the day to introduce my studio and workshop to ladies that had done workshops with me at my store. It began about 10am with Fruit Smoothies, Bloody Mary's, Brown Sugar Cinnamon bagels, chocolate cupcakes with Bavarian creme icing, and pretty little Rum Rosettes. Delish! We got reacquainted and shared our latest creative ideas and interests and then went into the workshop to get started. We captured the essence of the expression "Women are like buttons, they hold things together." I put up an inspriration board with laces, trims, buttons, images and more to get us started. Then we pulled out the stamps, paints and glues. The images were from an old book I have from the 1880's called Godey's Lady's Book, stereotyped by The Enquirer P & P Co., Lancaster, PA. It depicts fashion, handcrafts, novelties, stories, lessons, and information in general that would interest the ladies of the 1880's. The scissors and paper were flying! Such divine little confections they created.
After the "Women Like Buttons" workshop was finished, we took a break to enjoy some homemade turkey chili with cheese cubes, a whole wheat pasta salad, and organic blue corn chips. Yumm! Of course another little sumpin to drink and another trip to the dessert table.

So need I say that it was a very busy, stimulating, and glorious day.
I will be posting the dates for future workshops in the next week. They include Basic Soldering, Reliquaries, Felting, Encaustic Wax, and Cigar Box Collage. If you are local to the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex I hope you will come join the fun.
P.S. Mary drove all the way from Plano, Tx for the day. She has several shops on Etsy, one of them being Mary's Madness. She sells gobs of everything from frozen charlotte dolls to old watch parts. She will be at the Funky Finds Spring Fling coming to Ft. Worth March 12. You can't miss that. It is at the Will Rogers Center in the Poultry Building. For more info just go to Funky Finds website or click on the little dog widget on my blog to get you there. If you are an artist or elite crafter, you shouldn't miss it. See you there.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Trip to Canton First Monday

Pretty day! Went to Canton First Monday Trade Days today. Found some pretty cool stuff, including 3 vintage 30's ladies cotton and crochet gowns, old black jet glass buttons, old wedding photos from the 1920's, 1915 water color of ash trees and pink sunset, and some really sweet little Easter cards from the 40's. All in all it was a pretty good shopping trip. Would have loved to found more garden stuff, but the market is tough right now for garden stuff (Spring coming on).

In just 3 weeks I will be selling at Round Top/Warrenton. Got some really great things to take and sell. Should be good. The Spring show is always good!

Take care and enjoy the day. xoxo