Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great Saturday!! was great yall! I vended at Will Rogers Cattle Barn I. The Funky Finds Spring Fling was next door at the Small Exhibits Bldg. It was so colorful, creative, inspiring, and interesting to look at all of the artist's creations. There was the pet adoption also. I almost adopted another little bobtail kitten just like Lily. Couldn't quite make up my mind so I called in friends for their advice. They all loved the kitten. I still haven't ruled him out. I was surely in a quandry.

Well both events were swarming with people (the flea market and the Spring Fling.) There was also a gun show and antique show. It was great seeing people I hadn't seen since I had the store. Many anxious to start workshops again. ME SO HAPPY!!!

Will report back on the kitten...have a great rest of the weekend. xoxo

Check out he post below to see the pictures of the last workshop.


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

That sounds like so much fun !!
Are you going to be at the Cattle
Barns this weekend ?

noodle and lou said...

sounds like fun! wish i could have stopped by but i had company in town. just saw that you are going to round top! i might just see you there! xox...jenn