Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Things Are Coming My Way

Hello and Welcome Fall!! I am very excited to tell you about what's coming up in the near future for The Altered Muse. First of all, I am getting ready for the Funky Finds: A Holiday Shopping Experience. It is November 12 and 13 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, Poultry Barn, 3409 Burnett-Tandy Dr., Ft. Worth, Texas. Now just because it is called a holiday shopping experience, don't think that it will be limited to the seasonal gift. I am bringing loads of bags of destash items that no longer go with my artistic interests, but someone else is going to be delighted with what I am getting rid of, such as old children's books, old french books and images. game cards and game pieces, charms, beads, assemblage, metals, tin, old photos and the list goes on. I am pricing it to go to another studio that will appreciate it. I will have examples of workshops such as Beginners Soldering, Encaustic Wax Overlay, Reliquary, Felting, Found Objects Jewelry, and a few new things that I have been experimenting with. So all you artists, designers, creators of unique and crazy art, COME ON OUT FOR TWO DAYS OF SHOPPING. SPREAD YOUR WINGS WITH OTHER LIKE BIRDS OF A FEATHER. THERE ARE NOT THAT MANY EVENTS THAT WE CAN ALL GET TOGETHER AND SHARE. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TWO DAY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. Hope you look for The Altered Muse. I don't think you will be disappointed!!!!

Now for the next big thing coming up.... I will be moving into a small shop space at DOLLY PYTHON, A VERY ECLECTIC store in Dallas. Dolly Python specializes in vintage clothing, found objects, antiques, and the rare and eclectic. Gretchen Bell is the owner/proprietor and has done a fabulous job in making Dolly Python a very popular place to shop. I am so excited that she is giving me a place to "show my stuff". Dolly Python is located in Dallas at 1916 Haskell Ave. zip 75204. I should be moving in about the middle of November. Can't wait!!!

Now for the next big thing.....bedi-bye...nite nite...yawning...lights out!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can We Talk?

I have been so busy readying for Warrenton/Round Top, doing estate sales, selling, and the list goes on, that I have not posted as often as I would like. BUT, today I would say I have caught up! There are new posts on Boots, Friends, Prom, Warrenton/Round Top Show, Garden, and the Funky Finds Holiday Shopping Experience. I will have lots more pictures and info on Creative Workshops and things in the works with The Altered Muse. Please take a look! Just keep on scrolling down. Leave comments! You could receive a nice surprise!

The Fall has always been my season. I get new goals, ideas, motivation, and plans. In the past Falls, my income has increased. New opportunities come to me. Does anyone else have a season that they can call their "Season"? I would love to hear some comments on this. Is anyone out there?

Is anyone else not able to see their followers on their blog? Mine have not been there for months. Any clues?

It's Fall. Cooler weather. Fall shows. Workshops. New Beginnings. Let's join our hearts and minds on making this season the most productive in every way. Keep families and friends close. Fill needs. Serve one another. Be vigilent. Realize as women, we have strength and power special to us. Determination and nurturing is built in.

Praise God and pray for our troops and world peace and the elimination of hunger all over the world. Amen.

Texas Gals and their Boots

I could have taken 500 more pictures of boots, but I got started too late. There are SO many boots and hats at Warrenton, if you put the ladies wearing them up in Dallas, you would think there had been an explosion at a Ft. Worth Rodeo. During the show, cowgirls and their hats and boots come from all over Texas, Oklahoma, and further points west. Boots and hats are definitely a big issue at Warrenton/Round Top.

Friends and Prom

Well as you will see, I whimped out on my usual pictures of the prom. EVERYTHING WAS JUST CRAZY!!! I did get pictures of my friends. Hope you aren't too disappointed. You can see past proms if you look at the archives.

Rebecca, Jayme, and me in my French Prom black beret. My cowboy hat stayed home that night.

James Stephens and Jayme Daniel of BONEDUST COWGIRL. Friends on the Oklahoma, Texas, and Santa Fe circuit. Jayme designs and James designs and carves very desirable and beautiful adornments from vintage antlers and bone. His unique works are in high demand for wearers of beautiful, bonedust jewelry. If you look closely you can see some art on their necks.

WELCOME TO TEXAS. I love this picture of my friends Rebecca and Ron. She is a well known and well studied textile artist and he is a musician. They reside in Oklahoma also. She has a beautiful studio and workshop and he owns a vintage record store. Just love em!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Booth At Warrenton, Texas

This booth may look small, but it took several days to assemble. It is 800 sq. feet, with a garden area (no pictures) of 800 sq. feet. Hope you can get a feel for what sells for me and what I think people will buy from me. It really is a challenge, but one I relish!

I always bring lots of Christmas to the Fall Show at Warrenton. I sold lots of Christmas.


From Warrenton, Texas to Funky Finds Holiday Shopping Experience

It's a Funky Finds Holiday Shopping Experience and The Altered Muse can't wait. Even though I just returned from a long show in Warrenton, Round Top, Texas, I am recovering enough to get my stuff together for the Holiday Shopping Experience. The cooler the weather gets, the more I am motivated. I bought several wonderful things for creation workshops there. Can't wait to put the assemblages together. I will have examples of soldering, encaustic wax, felting, found objects jewelry, and mixed media collage. Found some great things for mixed media collage. I will be displaying examples for future creation workshops. I will also be offering many things for assemblage, including, found objects, relics, encasements, ephemera, watch parts, vintage seam binding and textiles, and the list goes on. If you click on Workshops on this blog, you can see creative workshops for felting, soldering, and found objects jewelry. Hope you will look for me, The Altered Muse, at this event. I want to give a "shout out" to Joe and Jessica for doing such an organized and well planned event. They have really gone the extra mile to promote the "experience". If you live in the Ft. Worth area and would like to pass out some postcards advertising this event experience, please contact me and we can meet. I have plenty. My email is Thanks. Pam...The Altered Muse.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back From Warrenton/Round Top With Pictures and Goodies for Workshops

Hi. Just returned from Warrenton, Texas. The Show was fun and tiring. I saw friends that I only see twice a year and it was good to catch up. I went to the Marburger Farm Show to check out the unique, stylish, European, and decorator antiquities and buy from Robin with Magnolia Pearl. I bought 5 pieces, including one for my good friend Angela. She looked in on my house while I was away. Lily and Bailey were very glad to be home and back in their backyard. So was I. This show, the foot traffic was off. I think that was due to the 100 plus degree weather. Everything was dry and brittle. Normally, it is green and lush. There was a very high, extreme fire ban. Signs posted everywhere. No smoking unless you had a bottle of water with you and no char coaling. I don't smoke and it was kind of scary and you were definitely on the watch for those who did. Tickets and fines were given out. Warrenton is not that far from Bastrop or Smithville where so much burned a few weeks back. Anyway, it is all behind me now and I am home! Stay tuned for pictures of my shop down there.