Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back From Warrenton/Round Top With Pictures and Goodies for Workshops

Hi. Just returned from Warrenton, Texas. The Show was fun and tiring. I saw friends that I only see twice a year and it was good to catch up. I went to the Marburger Farm Show to check out the unique, stylish, European, and decorator antiquities and buy from Robin with Magnolia Pearl. I bought 5 pieces, including one for my good friend Angela. She looked in on my house while I was away. Lily and Bailey were very glad to be home and back in their backyard. So was I. This show, the foot traffic was off. I think that was due to the 100 plus degree weather. Everything was dry and brittle. Normally, it is green and lush. There was a very high, extreme fire ban. Signs posted everywhere. No smoking unless you had a bottle of water with you and no char coaling. I don't smoke and it was kind of scary and you were definitely on the watch for those who did. Tickets and fines were given out. Warrenton is not that far from Bastrop or Smithville where so much burned a few weeks back. Anyway, it is all behind me now and I am home! Stay tuned for pictures of my shop down there.

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