Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Blog of the Day - Round Top/Warrenton, Texas

I am taking the pictures so I am not in any of them!

Today I am going to show you some of the pictures of my booth at the Spring show in Warrenton/Round Top, Texas. This is the BIGGEST ever venue for antiques and decorator items. Literally thousands from all over the world come to vend. Little towns of 200-300 pop. turn into 8 to 10 thousand. You can belive that. I am probably going to set up a blog just for the show this time. I am shopping for a new laptop for just that reason. I love this show. Take a look at my last show. The booth changes alot according to what I sell for that day. Did I mention that it is a very lucrative show? Bread and Butter! That is why I will be down there more this year. The shop kept me from really setting up a complete show, but not this time. Gotta go for it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's New At My House

I just had to show you the new piece I got for my studio. I can really get some stuff in this baby. Solid oak utility cabinet from an old school lab. The top had formica on it, but was replaced with wormy chestnut (a wood that is very old and hard to find because it was all harvested). I placed some old deco bookends on it that I found at an estate sale and also a vase of old paintbrushes. I collect them and these pictures are not the oldest. And the next pictured is ...hey did this picture get in here?'s Lily of the Roses.... she is not new to the place...hmmm..I guess she just wanted to show off her new tag. She insisted on it....Diva was her preference. She is my precious! I will show her off anytime and don't mind at all that she snuck this one in on me. So see, I don't just blog about my workshops, although I am pretty proud of them. Soon I am going to let you look in on what inspires me and makes me happy. Be sure and check out the post after this one. It went on today too. I am also having a giveaway. Check the blog for it too. This was fun, let's do it again sometime! Peace and Love.

Angela Burks Soldering 101

OMG again! The Soldering 101 Workshop on Saturday was awesome. NEXT SOLDERING CLASS - SAT. AUG. 29, 12-4. Angela is such a good instructor. First of all, she had a very complete and instructional booklet for us to study and take home for future soldering. We learned safety of the iron and different types of lead. It was all covered! She is very thorough. After our booklet instructional class, we set out to pick our images and subject matter. That was really fun. Our glass for the images was 1-1/2" by 1-1/2" and also 3" by 1". I thought they would be smaller. We wrapped our glass encased images and set out to solder. I was kind of afraid of the heat (don't laugh), but that was soon put to rest. I thought the jump rings would be hard, but I was wrong. I had a blast and did quite well as did the other students. I am featuring some of the pictures on this post. Not bad for ladies who had never held a soldering iron before. Unfortunately, some of the ladies got out before I got pictures. Take a look! Get this...I did so well with the images under glass, I decided to try soldering on broken china and I did sorta good. Practice makes perfect! I will probably treat my pieces with a chemical that makes them look antique. Another class is coming up Sat. Aug. 29. 12-4. Safety glasses are a must. Bring your own images if you want the jewelry personalized. Make copies of any photographs. Originals don't work that good. For more info on the class, see under Workshops.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bee's Wax Collage Workshop

OMG! The Saturday Bee's Wax Collage was so much fun! The creations were awsome. Renea is a superb teacher. We were all fighting over her! The images she brought for us to choose from were so unique and sooo colorful! I am featuring some of them on my blog and then some are on her blog. They were better than mine so be sure to take a look at Renea's blog. The link is further down on the page.

Don't forget the soldering class on Saturday! I can't wait to make my two pieces of jewelry.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Soldering 101

Hello Monday people. Hope you are doing well and had a great weekend. Mine was stupendous! This Thursday is the Halloween Regalia with Ann-Denise Anderson. Not another creation like this one anywhere. So unique. See pictures in earlier posts.

Also, Soldering 101 is going to be here on Aug. 22 (Sat. 12-3) with expert Angela Burks. Please see the info under workshops. I have attached a few pictures for you to see, but they didn't turn out like I wanted. Too much glare with my limited camera.

My giveaway is going great! See blog for details.

We had a great Bee's Wax Collage workshop with Renea Hipp here on Sat. OMG. Wait until you see the pictures I post, or you can go to Renae's blog at

Take care today and let's keep in touch. Pam...the altered muse.