Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's New At My House

I just had to show you the new piece I got for my studio. I can really get some stuff in this baby. Solid oak utility cabinet from an old school lab. The top had formica on it, but was replaced with wormy chestnut (a wood that is very old and hard to find because it was all harvested). I placed some old deco bookends on it that I found at an estate sale and also a vase of old paintbrushes. I collect them and these pictures are not the oldest. And the next pictured is ...hey wait...how did this picture get in here?...why...it's Lily of the Roses.... she is not new to the place...hmmm..I guess she just wanted to show off her new tag. She insisted on it....Diva was her preference. She is my precious! I will show her off anytime and don't mind at all that she snuck this one in on me. So see, I don't just blog about my workshops, although I am pretty proud of them. Soon I am going to let you look in on what inspires me and makes me happy. Be sure and check out the post after this one. It went on today too. I am also having a giveaway. Check the blog for it too. This was fun, let's do it again sometime! Peace and Love.

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