Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friends and Prom

Well as you will see, I whimped out on my usual pictures of the prom. EVERYTHING WAS JUST CRAZY!!! I did get pictures of my friends. Hope you aren't too disappointed. You can see past proms if you look at the archives.

Rebecca, Jayme, and me in my French Prom black beret. My cowboy hat stayed home that night.

James Stephens and Jayme Daniel of BONEDUST COWGIRL. Friends on the Oklahoma, Texas, and Santa Fe circuit. Jayme designs and James designs and carves very desirable and beautiful adornments from vintage antlers and bone. His unique works are in high demand for wearers of beautiful, bonedust jewelry. If you look closely you can see some art on their necks.

WELCOME TO TEXAS. I love this picture of my friends Rebecca and Ron. She is a well known and well studied textile artist and he is a musician. They reside in Oklahoma also. She has a beautiful studio and workshop and he owns a vintage record store. Just love em!!!

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