Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Historic Town of Warrenton, Texas

Well today I drove all over Warrenton, Texas taking these pictures of old historic buildings. There is Zapp Hall, historic meeting hall. I am sure lots went on in that old Hall in the late 1800's as at historic Renck Hall and the Legal Tender Saloon. The old Harmonia Hall used to be a meeting hall, dance hall, then a skating rink back in the 50's. It has wonderful old hardwood floors that display primitive and antiques wonderfully. Such tales that Hall could tell as all of the historic Meeting Halls in historic Warrenton, Texas. All of the windows on the buildings "let out" or fold out for ventilation. They are just as they were when originally built. I have taken some pictures of some of the older homes with their gingerbread decor and plants that grown abundantly here. Lots of wild vines, tropical plants, several palms, and moss on the trees. One tree in particular I wish you could see up close and personal because it is awesomely big and beautiful. The buildings are dwarfed against it. It has many large branches that spread wide.


Traveling Gypsy said...

Great pics Pam! We'll be there in 10 more days! Can't wait!

Janet said...

Good Morning Muse!
Looks like you had at least one day with blue skies! We continue to have rain - sometimes a light drizzle and sometimes another downpour - We need it, but a break would be nice for a few days. Looks like this weekend we should get our wish!
Looking forward to Carrie's next class - found objects shrine? Is that what she's doing? I'm becoming very anti-social, walking with my head down, looking for 'stuff' on the ground! Hope all is going well and your selling lots of 'treasures'! Keep those pictures coming!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

It's getting ready to be one CRAZY place!