Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Morning. I guess I will just go ahead a show you some pictures of my booth and not wait for perfection. I have had a great show so far. I have sold several large pieces including 2 giant street light holders, 2 garment transfers (they are going to New Zealand), a huge plant potting rack, 4 chairs, and I could go on about the big stuff (that is what you want to sell the most to keep from hauling it back. I have sold hundreds of smalls including figurines, lamps, small tables, jewelry, silver flatware, and I could go on about that also. This is just the best show ever! I took a picture of an old suitcase that I found full of old boy scout items. I have sold some out of it already. Well enough about me. I am going to leave this little balcony I am blogging from and go open my booth. I expect lots of traffic today. I forgot to mention, there was a real bar brawl here at the local bar last night. I mean like in the movies, but it was real. Sometimes pool tables and beer don't mix. Never seen anything like it.


Paisley said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful show! It was nice meeting you and your booth was lovely. I hope to come by and see your shop soon, it looks to be full of treasures!


What a great booth, no wonder you had success! ~ Angela