Monday, September 21, 2009

Robin (Magnolia Pearl) and John the Newlyweds

You could not meet two sweeter, more genuine people than Robin and John. They were married last show at the Little Church in Round Top. They were out on their scooter and came by to say hi and check out my booth. They vend in a beautiful booth at Marburger Farm, another large show between Warrenton and Round Top. Robin (Magnolia Pearl) creates, sews, and sells wonderful clothing, handbags, and furniture made with unique vintage textiles. She also has wonderful vintage garden statuary. Her booth is nothing but eye candy to the inth degree. She is a very unique individual and designer of wonderful, fantasy, almost fairy-like convections in textiles. You can see her wonderful confections at


Janet said...

Good Morning Muse! Hopefully you brought/bought something warm for the cold front that blew in yesterday! 62 degrees at 9am in FW is quite a change for us! I will be out of town until next Monday with limited computer access. Hope you're having a wonderful time selling/buying lots of goodies! Please put me on your list for the cigar box collage with Carrie Gunning October 8th! Can't wait to try something new!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi Pam, I know you are having a ball. Miss you not being here though. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. I have been crazy busy. I love Magnolia Pearl, I have seen her purses and would love to own one of them. Good luck at the show and make mucho $$$. Take care! Hugs***Renea