Friday, May 28, 2010

Reliquary Workshop

Reliquary: A small box, casket, or shrine where relics are kept or shown. This Reliquary Workshop will incorporate items as shown in the pictures below, plus more. The "Man Raises But Time Weighs" below is casketed in one-half of a daquerreotype case from the mid 1800's. I have added an old tin type, watch parts, vials and verbage. Not every reliquary will be the same of course. I have hundred of items to choose from for your reliquary or just bring some of your own. The next reliquary I call "Sew and Sew" is casketed in an old pocket watch case and I have added an old metal bobbin, old sparkly button, mother of pearl button, old lace, and verbage. Each of these reliquaries is finished on the backside with old, black lace from the late 1800's.

Reliquary Workshop: Saturday -June 19 - $45. 10:30 to 1:00 or so. 817.319.0112 for more info.

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