Friday, November 18, 2011

Dolly Python

Hello and hope you are having a good weekend. Just spent the day moving into my new shop in the Dolly Python store. It was very tiring, but exciting. Setting up my props, lighting up the cases, displaying, and meeting new people shopping. Yes, I am excited. It is so exciting to be selling in such a fun shop and with such great people. Gretchen Bell is the owner. She is great. My friend Rob was there to give me some display designs. He is very good. He has a shop there also. John Paul Gaultier recently paid Dolly Python a visit while he was in Dallas getting his installation ready at the Museum of Fine Art. It is called from the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. Very high fashion. Loved it!

Just came off of the Funky Finds Holiday Shopping Experience weekend. Had a great time and sold lots of destash. Saw some old friends. Showed my art and more.

Got an email today from Ariel. She saw my name The Altered Muse on the side of my van while we were in line at Chick Filet and decided to look it up while she was in line. Turns out, she is also an artist in the lofts in downtown Ft. Worth. She loves estate sales as do I! What a nice little note from her. Just shows you never know who is paying attention and watching. Hi Ariel!

Have a good weekend.

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