Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to February

Hello and welcome to February. This month is ushering in many new things and I am so glad. Last year went out with a sad sigh.

Today I decided on colors for my workshop area. I am living in a house that started out as an investment flip house, but as it goes, it is becoming quite homey and comfy. It is a mid-century modern that the original builder added Frank Lloyd Wright features to. My whole neighborhood is like that. Some have more FLW features than others. Well, anyway, my garage is being converted to a workshop/garage. I still need to park my little Miata convertible somewhere. But is is going to work out quite nicely. I picked out the paint today and it will probably be painted tomorrow.

Next, I have been playing with some new images I found on Etsy from a girl in Italy. I want to have a new business card by the time the Funky Finds Spring Fling comes up on March 13 and I am trying to design it myself. By the way, it doesn't work to click on the link above. I don't know why. I have also been designing an ad for their colorful, beautifully glossy magazine that is available for free at the venue. The Spring Fling has me sooo excited! I am trying to get some unique jewelry made, workshop examples put together, flyers, display ideas, and so on. You can click on the little Funky Finds doggy at the top and see what they are all about. Joe and Jessica Dougherty are very talented promoters, not to mention great illustrators and blog/web savy. I don't think there is anything they can't do. I am going to ask Joe how to add to my blog so I can start offering free images.

I vended at Canton First Monday this past week. Boy was it cold, but I still sold alot of stuff. A wide variety, some old frames, small pieces of furniture, two old military bags with eastern writing on them, books, jewelry, toys, and just a wide variety in general. I even parted with a few of my old cabinet cards. Sold them to a lady that uses them in making her custom jewelry. I may go back next month. Maybe it will be warmer!

Now you know what has been going on here. I can't wait until the workshops start again. Get to see my artsy fartsy, old and new, workshop leaders. Swell people that have really added color to my world.

Whoever is out there reading this, give me a shout and let me know your interests and ideas. I would love to see some of your art. If you are local to Ft. Worth, Texas and offer workshops, let me hear from you. If you have a workshop idea, let me hear about it.

Take care and I am as near as my little netbook. Isn't that comforting? :)

Peace and Love.


Gresham Barn Sale said...

Pam, Thanks for you comment! I thought you had great stuff and I will be sure to stop by again! Sorry, it was so old, I did canton for 2 1/2 years so I really understand! Your blog is great, I added it to the ones I check on a regular basis! Hope to see you next month! Hugs, Jodi


Hope you are doing well. So sad to hear about your losses at the end of the year. I wish you peace and wonderful new beginnings this year! ~ Angela