Friday, November 19, 2010

Ferns, Camelias, Japanese Maples, OH MY!

Isn't Fall wonderful? Perfect days, turning leaves, expectations of the holidays, and of course parties and great food. These days I am thinking about something else wonderful to me. My backyard. It was nothing but a pecan tree, dead tree stump, and weeds, but is getting a major overhaul. I have added (with the help of a friend/landscaper/gardner), lots of ferns, decor grasses, camelias, beauiful evergreens, columbine, and lots of other perrenials. Today I am going for more including a Japanese Maple and a Dogwood. The landscaper and I have designed flagstone walkways, mossy rock steps, and little venues for birdbaths and statuary. I have planted bushes, trees, and flowering plants to invite butterflies and birds. It is a wonderful sanctuary that rivals any small English garden. I think we all need a special little place that delights, inspires, and relaxes us. It is even better when it can include part of God's outdoor creation and little creatures He has given us to enjoy. It can just be a small area, but a place where we can sit and read, meditate, or have coffee with a friend. I can't wait to invite you in by way of pictures. Of course if you are a local friend reading this, you are always welcome to come by.

I hope you all enjoy your day and fall festivities. Let me hear from you and watch for pictures if you like. Blessings.

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