Saturday, April 26, 2014


The Altered Muse blog has always been about my art, sentiments, and my garden.  Sometimes I have blogged about my travels and antique shows that I do.  I like to share whatever blesses me, impresses me, or the unusual.  That said, I am going to blog an interest from my latest trip to the hill country of Texas.  To some, graveyards evoke spooky, ghostly, eery thoughts.  To me, graveyards and headstones are peaceful memorials to the passed on.  I am fascinated by the older headstones.  Take a look and I hope enjoy. I hope you see the resting beauty.

This picture and the next two were side by side and had concrete formed like trees and logs.  I think they must have had a real relationship with the trees.  Both headstones are log related.  

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There is no telling how long this image has been under this glass.  It is milky with age.

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